About Me

I was born in Milan in 1969. During my studies in Economics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, I began working as a journalist for a small financial magazine, “Europa Management,” in 1990, a career I have continued without interruption. I worked for several newspapers and magazines, primarily focusing on the tourism and automotive industries, including motorcycling and nautical sectors.

From 1996 until 2009, I led the Italian magazine “Caravan e Camper,” initially as vice director, then as director and publisher. Simultaneously, I worked for other prominent Italian magazines and held significant roles such as editor-in-chief of “Aqva” magazine in 2003 and vice editor of the nautical magazine “Barche” from 1999 to 2003.

During my tenure at “Caravan e Camper,” I acquired extensive knowledge of the recreational vehicle market, becoming an expert on products, testing motorhomes, and writing various technical articles. I am also a passionate and professional photographer.

I have written numerous travel articles, documenting extraordinary journeys in motorhomes, such as 3200 km across Cuba, 3400 km through South Africa, and 9000 km in Australia. Additionally, I have traveled extensively by motorcycle and tent for many years, including a coast-to-coast journey across the USA and through the deserts of Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya, as well as trips to Nordkapp and across Western Europe.

I am the author of books about traveling with RVs, published by two of Italy’s leading publishing companies: Mondadori and De Agostini.

In 1991, I became a member of the journalist register (Freelance section), and in 1998, after completing journalism school and passing the state exam, I joined the Professional section of the register.

In 2014, the main Italian RV owners’ federation (ACTItalia Federazione) included me in its “Golden Book” and appointed me as a member of the Committee of Wise Men in the Caravanning sector.

My experience as communication consultant

In 2009, after the economic crisis struck the RV sector and related magazines in Italy, I sold MCM Editori (Caravan e Camper’s publishing company) and took the opportunity to create a new service: Mazzucchelli and Partners – International Press and Communication Service.

The increasing in online publications and the digital media evolution enabled my new communications service to quickly be successful, working with many leading brands in the RV sector. As well as offering an international press office service, I also support clients across a wide range of marketing activities, providing a complete range of integrated services.

The Driving Expo 2015 Experience

During the semester May-October 2015 in Milan took place EXPO2015, an international event attracting ca. 20 Million visitors form all over the world. Considering the interest of the event, the attractiveness of the area and the period, a significant number of Motorhome and Caravan owners (ca. 300.000) were awaited. In december 2014 we launched DRIVING EXPO 2015 a multi-language website dedicated to RV owners looking for any kind of information they may need to enjoy a safe and amazing stay in Milan and in the North of Italy during and after Expo2015.

DrivingExpo2015.com located parking areas, campsites, camper services, and farms with parking for motorhomes in Lombardy and the most interesting adjacent areas. It identified services for recreational vehicle rentals and for RV technical assistance. It indicated any urgent facilities (hospitals, police stations, veterinary clinics). It also proposed itineraries and routes to discover the treasures of northern Italy.

Our project achieved significant success. We attracted over 13,000 daily visitors on our website in September and October, thanks to extensive coverage in major European RV media and magazines and prominent Italian newspapers. We were awarded by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Maurizio Martina, as a pioneering start-up. Additionally, we shared our insights at various industry events and formed a strategic partnership with Fiat, enhancing our visibility and impact in relation to the Expo theme.

My Experience with Fuori Media Publishing House

In 2012 I created ‘Aboutcamp BtoB‘, a professional magazine that reports on products, news and business strategies from the accessories and OEM sector and is sent directly to buyers, developers and decision makers from  motorhome and caravan manufacturers worldwide. A printed magazine version is also mailed by post. 

In 2013 I launched ‘Golden Camping & Glamping‘, an online magazine dedicated to high quality tourism with motorhomes, caravans and in mobile homes and glamping structures presenting a selection of European campsites reviewed by a group of specialized journalists. 

In 2019 I created Camper Professional Italia a quarterly magazine to provide comprehensive technical information to dealers, workshops, and Italian outfitters specializing in caravans, campers, and special vehicles. It is a quarterly periodical sent free of charge to market operators.

In 2019 I launched also Camping Business, online magazine in Italian and English dedicated to professionals and operators in the camping sector aiming to be a point of reference for all those involved in outdoor tourism: owners, managers, purchasing and marketing directors of open-air tourist facilities, as well as all entities involved in the sector’s B2B offerings.

In 2022 Camper Professional Deutschland is born: a modern magazine distributed to professionals in the trade and accessories of the recreational vehicle market in Germany. It is sent out quarterly and free of charge: primarily to German motorhome and caravan dealers, as well as to workshops and RV’S manufacturers.

My Experience with the Fit Your Camper show

In 2024, I created a new trade show format: Fit Your Camper, which took place for the first time in Erba near Lake Como. This expo was dedicated exclusively to accessories and equipment for campers, caravans, and outdoor tourism. It attracted 13,000 visitors during the two B2C days and 500 during the two B2B days. It was a success from its very first edition.